Thursday, April 29, 2010


A year ago, when I first enrolled Alden at UC Early Childhood Centre, I was asked to write a short description of him. This was the best I could come up with at that time.

February 2009

Alden is a very unique boy. As a son, he is very loving and affectionate and he shows his feelings all the time. He loves to be cuddled by mom and dad and he enjoys a lot of attention from people. Alden can be very cheeky at times and one must be really careful with him cos he's always got something up his sleeve. He'll play a little trick on you when you least expect it! This is not surprising at all cos he's always been playful even as a baby.

He adores cars, trains and tractors. His favourite pastime is arranging all his cars in a striaght line and grouping them together based on size and shapes. His favourite cartoons are Little Einsteins and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Alden loves music and dancing. He'd move his body whenever he hears an upbeat tune. He has a lot of energy and he has the capacity to stay up for hours and hours. At the moment, Alden is still learning to speak and I'm pleased to say that he's starting to pick up a lot of English words.

Alden is a very picky eater. It is so difficult to get him to eat and he only takes a selection of food like corn soup, chicken soup, bread and yogurt. He absolutely loves chocolate chip cookies and cakes.

Alden can be cheeky, stubborn and naughty at times but he's just trying to get your attention. He's adorable and lovable. One of a kind.

The following is the first entry in Alden's learning journal, written by his teacher Jo.

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